1. Material MUST be in .mp3 format, and tagged with Artist Name and Song Title.
  2. Material should be available for digital purchase (iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc.)
  3. One (1) song submission per artist.
  4. Music/Vocal Production and Recording MUST be professionally mixed and mastered.
  5. You must have any necessary permission(s)/clearance(s) if your song contains any samples, lyrics, etc. that is the property of any other recording artist, producer, or label.
  6. Material can have absolutely NO profanity, sexual content, violent lyrics or content, drug use, degradation of any group of people, other artists, denominations/religions, and no self-glorification.
  7. Your song should not be longer than five (5) minutes long. If it is longer, please submit a RADIO EDIT version (no more than five minutes). If your song is longer, it will NOT be considered.
  8. You agree by submitting your music to Soulful Sessions Radio, that we can use your submission for radio airplay, as well as for any promotions.


You are not guaranteed airplay on Soulful Sessions Radio by submitting your music. All music will be reviewed by our Music Review Committee to determine eligibility. Please allow 2-3 weeks for review, and response. Please do not contact us for a review status. We are overwhelmed with new artist submissions, and cannot timely respond to all inquiries.


  Please be sure to include the following information in your email with your submission(s):
Artist Name
Any Featured/Guest Artist
Producer’s Name
Album Name
Label Name
Release Date
Album/Single Purchase Price
Album/Single Purchase Link
Artist’s Hometown
Artist Website/Twitter/Facebook
Artist Biography
Lyric Sheet
Album Cover Art (as an attachment)
Artist Promo Photo (as an attachment)